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Library consortia's work in 5 easy steps

While ConsortiaManager gathers all the relevant data in one place, the real strength of the tool is its management of the workflow involved with managing the consortia agreements.

1 Evaluation

Make trial accesses

Check cost per use

Evaluate usage data

See price increases

Check member ratings

Make cross member comparisons


2 Information

Find information about your licenses, FTE, terms, content files and contact details

Select information will automatically be made available to consortia members through their own interface, limiting the need to distribute information manually and individually to members

3 Acquisition

Receive and upload prices or make use of the pricing matrix for automated price-modelling based on FTE's, inhabitants, institution type etc.

Avoid the tiresome job or registering renewals manually and have them structured and ready to send off to the publisher at your convenience


4 Invoicing

Validate publisher invoices, based on the actual renewal prices accepted by the members

Apply foreign currency exchange rates if needed and be ready to invoice in minutes or export the invoice data to your own finance system

Invoice agreement individually or consolidate agreement on one-member invoice or simply allow them to select a subscription agent of their choice

Apply consortia fees and manage collection of payments using your own rules, from one interface

5 Administration

Have your members make their own IP-address changes and let ConsortiaManager take care of notifying the publishers for you

Administrate FTE numbers, contact details and other relevant information through the system and have the system prompt members for updated details

Send out messages to members based on a number of variables, such as subscribed agreements, member types, institution types and more


A system for streamlining and optimizing the workflow process of consortia's electronic subscriptions